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T-shaped digital marketer with strong expertise
in SEO + design. 

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April 2020 - Current

  • Redesigned eCommerce website ( + launched Customer Retention tests. Tests led to 5x the conversion rate to checkout.

  • Increased monthly organic traffic by 500% in 3 months for a counselor who had to bring her business online due to COVID. Created SEO strategy, managed backlink profile, + improved DA by 50%.

  • Performed market research and competitive analysis to effectively communicate product value propositions via Content Marketing + SEO for Fortune 1000 brands including Robinhood, PNC Bank, Dollar, and Hertz.

Sr. SEO Manager 


Oct 2019 - April 2020

  • Managed front-end development for multiple websites and site improvements resulting in 31% increase in site traffic (~70,000/month).

  • Did on-site SEO work for John Deere. Improved organic traffic by 40%.

  • Maintained a book of over 200+ clients in the apartment niche.


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Dec 2018- Oct 2019

  • Created a DTC brand 100% from scratch.

  • Executed SEO strategy that resulted in 10+ new customers/day.

  • MRR: $100,00+

Director of Marketing

Sept 2018- Oct 2019

  • Improved overall revenue by 243% via Omnichannel marketing.

  • Increased AOV: 22%

  • Improved eCommerce conversion rate by 137%.

  • Improved transactions by 180%

  • Managed 10 person marketing team.

Sr. SEO Manager

Jan 2018- Sept 2018

  • Taught board members + marketing team about SEO and why it's critical for their success

  • Improved ARR by 300% ($15M)

  • Worked with Product Manager to create content marketing strategy. Improved SEO by 200%


Content Marketing 100%
SEO 100%
Product Marketing 100%
GTM Strategy 100%
Graphic Design 85%
CRO 100%
eCommerce 90%
Web Design 89%

2023 SEO Case Study

A client in the non-surgical aesthetic niche began with Make Magic in June 2022.

The purpose of their campaign was geared to increase brand awareness via organic search marketing.

Since then, we have implemented a content marketing strategy based on competitor research, overhauled their on-site SEO, and created an off-site SEO strategy that included targeted PR placements.

Make Magic has increased their organic search traffic by 307% in 8 months.

Our client went from 30,601 site visitors/month to 124,640 site visitors/month.

Their organic search traffic is now valued at $269,752 per month.

$3.23MM in annual search traffic value was created in 8 months!

Overall Organic Traffic

Increased by 307%

30,601 visitors → 124,640 visitors

Monthly Organic Traffic Value

Increased by 398%

$54,163 → $269,752

Keywords Ranked in Top 3 Spots

Increased by 297%

475 keywords → 1,889 keywords

Keywords Indexed on First Page of Google

Increased by 155%

1,886 keywords → 4,818 keyowrds

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What Our Clients Say About Make Magic

"Shayna is one of the most talented eCom product designers I've ever worked with. She is highly skilled, understands the psychology behind leading edge best practices around UI/UX, and is quick to execute. 

I've had serial eCom entrepreneurs tell me how impressed they are with our site, how clean it looks, and that they know our designer "knows exactly what she's doing." Shayna is a team player and is someone I can easily recommend. She's a winner, and a true gem."

Darren Marble

"I enjoyed working with Shayna largely because of her organizational skills and ability to multi task. She is very proficient in keeping up with all of the changes in information technology and quickly met each goal we set together as I was growing my apparel brand.

She is a dedicated and hard worker but most important to me she is kind and honest."

Melanie Miller

"Shayna is a valuable asset to any business. She is an entrepreneur at heart and will help any small business, or even large corporations for that matter, exceed."

Faith Storey

Storey Studios

"This freelancer was AMAZING! She did the unthinkable. If you need any work for your WEBSITE OR GRAPHICS this is the Freelancer! She will not disappoint you. Thank you so much Shayna- we will definitely work on other projects with you."

Mark Frazier

DIY Deck Solutions

"Shayna is a great resource for me, as I have multiple clients that need help with SEO strategy in terms of content planning, keyword research, and more. She presents her research in a professional, concise, and easy to understand way, which is very beneficial and valuable to me."

Kimberly Bubeck


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